Press Release

July 01, 2016

Amana Healthcare receives CARF Accreditation

Amana Healthcare, a specialized provider of long-term acute care, post-acute rehabilitation, home transition and respite care services in the United Arab Emirates, was today granted the highest accreditation outcome of three years by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (“CARF”) and accreditation as a Comprehensive Integrated Inpatient Rehabilitation Program for Adults and for Children and Adolescents. This makes Amana Healthcare the only CARF-accredited specialized rehabilitation hospital in the United Arab Emirates; the only CARF-accredited facility in the United Arab Emirates; and the only private rehabilitation hospital with CARF accreditation in the Middle East.

CARF accreditation-widely acknowledged as the global gold standard in accreditation of rehabilitation facilities and the standard held by top-ranked rehabilitation hospitals in America, Europe and Asia-assists service providers to improve the quality of their services and meet internationally-recognized standards while providing a mark of assurance to consumers. CARF accreditation also provides a signal to payers that CARF-accredited providers strive to deliver higher quality services, achieve better outcomes, deliver more efficient care and have lower risk.

“Amana Healthcare has taken a dynamic role in the region defining quality rehabilitation and aspiring to excellence. By choosing CARF they are embarking on a quality journey that is focused on providing person centered care, producing results for the individuals they serve, improving access to needed rehabilitation services and fostering meaningful relationships with their patients, families, government agencies, payers and the community at large. We congratulate them on their accomplishments, welcome them to the CARF family of providers, and look forward to their continued use and implementation of the CARF standards,” said Christine MacDonell, Managing Director Medical Rehabilitation and International Aging Services/Medical Rehabilitation.

Mark E. McGourty, CEO of Amana Healthcare, said: “Our principal objective at Amana Healthcare has always been to provide world-class rehabilitation and continuum-of-care services locally, so patients do not have to travel to Europe or North America to receive the standard of care they deserve. Today’s accreditation of Amana Healthcare by CARF–the true global gold-standard in accreditation of rehabilitation hospitals–validates the approach we have taken and provides assurance for patients, families, payers and regulators that they can obtain the very highest global standard of rehabilitation here in the UAE. We are also proud to be at the leading edge of realizing the vision of the UAE’s Rulers for advancement of the health sector through efforts to strengthen quality, efficiency and the adoption of international standards.”

Amana Healthcare currently operates two hospitals. The first, a specialized long-term acute care hospital launched in Al Ain in 2013, focuses on patients with complex long-term medical conditions who need round-the-clock nursing and medical supervision. The second, located in the Khalifa A area of Abu Dhabi, is the first specialized inpatient rehabilitation hospital in the United Arab Emirates. Amana Healthcare also provides advanced home nursing and rehabilitation services as a complement to its inpatient and day-stay services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

Established with the philosophy to provide each patient with the right type of care, in the right setting, at the right time, Amana Healthcare provides patients and their families with exceptional medical and rehabilitation services in a specialized environment. Amana Healthcare’s services are designed around the medical, cultural and social needs of its patients and round-the-clock services are offered by the largest and most qualified team of in-house rehabilitation experts in the region.