Press Release

January 20, 2016

15 Important Factors to Success in Recruitment and Outsourcing

Inspired by a Successful True Story of 15 years!

It is not easy to stay in the same company for a period of fifteen years “neither to get started from scratch as an administrative employee to become an Executive Manager nor to increase the number of employees throughout fifteen years from 5 to over four thousand.”

I have lived through all this as a reality, “As a success story with Reach Company for Employment Services though fifteen years.”

I will try to brief some of the important factors behind this success that have made this dream come true within fifteen years. Reach Employment Services has become one of the largest and most reputed companies in the United Arab Emirates.

In short:

  1. Dedication The success of the first group which was handled by our founder devoted himself to work hard.
  2. Working hard to build and develop the company and increase its projects is the main objective of all the employees.
  3. Building trust, loyalty and dedication among the employees which made them feel as stakeholders of the company.
  4. Sense of belonging, not only to the company, but also to UAE that gave us the opportunity to work on its home soil, land of good and giving. The company’s management have never thought to make a good fortune and leave. On the contrary, we have and still strive to provide excellent services to do our duty as a private sector and to be part of the success story of the United Arab Emirates, which has become a magnet for the world’s business.
  5. The government sector – focusing on this sector gave us more exposure to stabilize and expand our portfolios.
  6. Client – by understanding the nature of each institution and their role in UAE we strive to give a personalize service while maintaining high levels of professional performance.
  7. Transparency have developed a clear vision among the customers through contracts and job offers.
  8. Compliance with the law as the laws of the Ministry of Labour and the UAE are the constitution ruling our company. We abide by these laws in our relationship with our employees and clients, which made Reach Employment Services one of the leading companies abiding by laws in the UAE.
  9. Creating a professional teamwork. We have developed the concept of “More than a work place environment”. In order to give our employees a feel of home/family atmosphere.
  10. Managing the relationship with the outsourcing employees with full transparency. By informing the details of the outsourced employee’s contracts and our clients which has reinforced their confidence. We have also considered our outsourcing staff as our employees and clients. at the same time (the employee is treated as a client), making them as our best representatives.
  11. Humanitarian dealings with the needs and requirements of our permanent or outsourcing employees.
  12. Caring for customers while understanding their needs and work nature. Establish our strategic partnerships with them on the concept of permanent partnership not profit and loss.
  13. Within Reach Employment Services, we have adopted to take responsibility for the mistakes made by managers and management, and try not to make them the responsibility of our young employees derived from our believe in the partnership in decision making and responsibility.
  14. Granting administrative and financial support operations a special interest among directors, management and follow all of which enhancing the company’s ability to overcome the administrative and financial challengers that hinder development.
  15. Development of a special concept to deal with (low-income) outsourcing employees because they are (the most important) employees in our company. Due to their inability to deal with work-life difficulties, we decided to open all the doors to meet with them and follow up their affairs as this made us able to deal with employees of different salaries ranging from 2000 AED up to 250,000 AED.

“Within Reach Employment Services, our development is the result of our own concepts of excellence in providing services for our employees, clients and our staff who work overseas. This is how we achieved our success, and we will continue to strive towards further success.”

Maher Hussain, Executive Manager,
Reach Employment Services – Dubai