Press Release

December 28, 2015

Gulf Capital Joins Hands with Himaya to Support and Educate Underprivileged Children

Donates “Endless” content-rich educational computers to promote digital and IT literacy

Gulf Capital, one of the leading and most active alternative asset managers in the Middle East, has donated “Endless” computers to Himaya, a non-profit organisation in Lebanon that works for child welfare, including offering basic education to underprivileged children and preventing child abuse, rehabilitating abused children, and socially reintegrating victims of abuse as active agents in society. The content-rich “Endless” computers is a fun-filled electronic teacher that uses English and Arabic apps to encourage the educational process in an engaging and entertaining way. The equipment will facilitate access to information for more than 40 underprivileged children in Beirut, Mount Lebanon, the North, and the Bekaa.

Dr. Karim El Solh, Chief Executive Officer of Gulf Capital, said: “Supplying computers to underprivileged children is a step towards helping build the next generation by giving them the necessary equipment with which to further their studies and by creating a more conducive environment for learning. The “Endless” computers are affordable computers with simple software and rich content. The interface, software updates and application installation are localised. The software is designed to require zero training and to work well in environments without the internet.”

He added: “Access to information and communication technology is critical to improving a country’s educational and economic growth prospects. This donation reduces some of the barriers to digital literacy amongst underprivileged children in Lebanon. Himaya helps over 30,000 children in their daily education and is making a great impact in this regard. Gulf Capital is pleased to support Himaya’s worthy initiative and collaborate with such an inspiring organisation. This support falls in line with Gulf Capital’s corporate responsibility strategy with education being one of its pillars.”

Lama Yazbeck, Executive Director of Himaya said: “The Gulf Capital donation will be used to help empower children, increasing their access to information and help educate them in our resilience centre. The aim of the resilience center is to provide teenagers who were victim of abuse with their basic rights by giving them access to education and IT literacy increasing their chances in social and professional reintegration. The resilience programme works directly with children and provide them with academic support, education and rehabilitation. We strive at Himaya to bring radical change at a national level in order to improve the lives of children in Lebanon. This donation from Gulf Capital will help us make a huge difference in the lives of the children in the resilience center who didn’t have access before to a formal education. The computers are all equipped with education programs allowing the children to learn how to read and write in an easier and non-traditional way”.

Gulf Capital has a clear focus on the young generation of the region, using the three pillars of training, education and entrepreneurship. The company gives back to society by investing in the development of the community. Its programmes focus on empowering the future generation with the right set of skills and knowledge that will help them to cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit and build a better future for themselves and those around them.