Press Release

March 17, 2015

Metito Nominated for the coveted GWI Water Company of the Year Award

Metito has been nominated for the coveted Water Company of the Year Award, part of Global Water Intelligence (GWI) – 2015 Global Water Awards. The awards are some of the industry most credible and prestigious awards. They acknowledge the most important achievements in the international water industry within several categories and are presented at the annual Global Water Summit, the major business conference for the water industry worldwide.

This year, Metito was recognized and shortlisted, among four other global industry players, as a nominee for the ‘Water Company of the Year Award’ which celebrates the company that made the most significant contribution to the development of the international water sector in 2014.

In 2014, and as stated in GWI official awards’ website, Metito has achieved international recognition for its role as a standard-bearer in developing markets, and has actively established a sustainable outlet for its talents in difficult operating environments. At the same time, its corporate ambitions reached new heights, with a massive international buy-in and a new approach to tech investment. Below are some recent milestone that were also mentioned on the website;

The sale of a 38.4% equity stake in Metito’s holding company to a Mitsubishi Corp./Mitsubishi Heavy Industries joint venture in July 2014 amply demonstrated the company’s inherent value to some of the biggest corporate names on the planet. The move gave a huge boost to the company’s technical capabilities, and brought with it enhanced access to development funding.

As well as testing its credentials as a global leader willing to invest in South-South trade, Metito proved last year that it could fight and win competitive contracts in established markets, securing key wins in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Egypt.

The tie-up with low-temperature distillation company TPTec in September 2014 marked Metito’s first major equity investment in technology, and demonstrates an expanded ambition for internal technical expertise. The deal also opened the door to new opportunities in industrial water and wastewater markets.

The 2015 Global Water Awards, based on online voting – primarily from GWI members- will be presented by José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission (2004-2014) and Prime Minister of Portugal (2002-2004) at a special ceremony that will be held on the evening of April 27th, 2015 at the Nasioutzik Museum, Athens, Greece.