Press Release

March 23, 2011

Metito Offers Clean Water Solutions To Iraq

Metito, the leading provider of total intelligent water management and solutions in the emerging markets, announced today it has signed a contract with Al Mustakbal Al Saeed to increase its provision of potable water to the people of Iraq.

The contract, worth a total of 33 billion Iraqi Dinars (approximately 104 million AED), was signed with Al Mustakbal Al Saeed Group of companies (MSGC) to design and construct the Hindiyah Water treatment plant. The plant is located just east of the city of Karbala, with a capacity of 48,000 M3/Day and will deliver water to several locations in the city that currently suffer from a lack of clean water.

This is yet another Metito project aimed at responding to the urgent and rising need of the Iraqi people for clean drinking water. After a period of war and investment negligence, the infrastructure in Iraq is severely deteriorated and stretched to breaking point. This has had devastating effects resulting in water quality that is well below international standards, which is being compounded by a corresponding surge in demand for potable water and is reducing capacity to supply it.

Moustafa Hasan, General Manager, Metito Iraq adds: “The Hindiyah water treatment plant project is the result of long term cooperation efforts between Metito and MSGC. By 2012, Metito will be treating 600,000 M3/Day of potable water in Iraq, improving access to clean, safe drinking water for 2.5 million Iraqis – one of the most basic human rights.”

A true thought leader in providing customised solutions, based on its global know how and strong local presence, Metito has provided a number of projects to the region with the latest innovative wastewater treatment technology.

Eng. Mohammed Qasim Al Nadousi, the CEO and chairman of the board for MSGC, adds: “Metito was selected to deliver this project based on their long-term experience and in-depth knowledge of water management in the Iraqi market and surrounding region. Together, we strive to provide this basic necessity to the people of Iraq.”

Prior to this most recent project, Metito has signed contracts in Iraq with MSGC Al Khayrat water treatment project – a 96,000 M3/Day capacity plant costing 61 billion Iraqi Dinars, which delivers potable water to the Al Khayrat and Jadwal Gharbi areas – as well as the Amara water treatment plant project, which has a capacity of 384,000 M3/Day and consists of 3 main booster stations, pipe lines and elevated steel tanks that supply potable water to the whole city of Amara.

The contract was signed by Moustafa Hasan of Metito and by Eng. Mohammed Qasim Al Nadousi the CEO and chairman of the board on behalf of MSGC in MSGC office in Beirut.